New Service Request

Please complete the Service Application and Agreement to apply for service. 

  • If your home has an existing water meter, a service transfer fee and security deposit is required.  

 A deposit on existing service will be determined upon meter size (see below). 

 An application fee of $50.00 is required at time of application.  For transfer of service there is a $30.00 transfer fee.  

  • For New Construction (no meter on property):  Please complete the New Service Application.  We will review and provide the applicable tap fee information.  
  • New Service Application.
  • For New Service (no meter box on property):  Go directly to the My Government Online website. You will need to Create an Account and then you can log in and under Permits and Licensing, Apply for a Permit (application) online. 



Standard Meter Service:  5/8” or 3/4" meter     $100.00

For meters larger than 3/4", please call Customer Service at 512-263-0125

Customers moving to the following subdivisions, please see additional costs below:

Rocky Creek Community

Requires an additional deposit of $150.00 plus a $15.00 transfer fee.

Ledgestone Community

Requires an additional deposit of $100.00 5/8” meter or $150.00 3/4” meter plus a $30.00 transfer fee.